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The Realignment

1 Aug 2020

Get aligned and re-aligned for more strength and longevity in your yoga practice. An afternoon in the yoga room with self confessed anatomy nerd, Simon Ngo.

Saturday 1 August, 1.30-3.30pm

Did you know that the most commonly reported injuries in the yoga world are wrist and shoulder related?

Keep yourself in tip top yoga mode by exploring why this is so and look at the five key poses which are repeated the most in a Vinyasa Flow class: Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog, Forward Fold, Chaturanga, and Warrior Poses.

This workshop has been designed to introduce the beginner yogis to these postures whilst re-educating the more seasoned yogis to explore a deeper understanding and body awareness.

Expect to walk away from this workshop having a clear understanding of some of most commonly seen misalignments in these poses and how to correct them in order to have longevity in your yoga practice.


  • Better understanding on how to care for your joints
  • Understand the shoulder girdle activation and the four directions of the scapula or shoulder blade
  • Knowing what mis-alignments to avoid
  • Moving with more efficiency and ease

Expect exploration and a little flow to put everything into practice.

Suitable for ALL levels

Cost: $50


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