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Doing it in a Group

We’re often asked ‘Why Group Fitness’? Why no treadmills or free weights? Simple answer is we’re passionate about bringing people together, sweating, cheering, laughing, encouraging and connecting. Community is our bring ‘Why’ and here’s why:

Motivation & Mateship
There’s nothing more encouraging than getting a tap of on the back in a TRX class or a gentle adjustment in yoga to keep you focused, on track and better able to complete your class and workout. Group fitness provides ample opportunity to make friends and connect with other like-minded people in your community. These then become friends you don’t want to let down of a morning when your alarm goes off. Crews over snooze…always!

Winning & Weight Loss
Nothing like some healthy competition to really push you to your edge and see you across the finish line. Couple  consistent high intensity with a clean diet and you’re well on your way to getting results. 

Ridiculously Happy
Led by an upbeat trainer who knows how to motivate, get a group connected and laughing throughout class, it’s impossible to leave a session with a frown. Group fitness provides the perfect concoction for raising your levels of mood enhancing neurotransmitters and chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and endorphins.

Check out Flow trainer, Shannon, mixing up the perfect mood enhancer: The ‘Flow Athletic Mexican Burpee Wave’

By Kate Kendall @activeyogi

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