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COVID 19 Nutrition Tips for those working at home

Ryano here to hit you guys with some tips about eating in this strange time! I know most people are working from home, which causes a few problems.  Those fridges are way too close!  

1. You may be expending less energy at home – because you no longer have the incidental exercise of walking to or around your work place. If you are moving less, you shouldn’t be eating the same as you used to. One thing you can do from an exercise perspective is to keep tracking your steps at home or make sure you can go out for walks. If you can’t really get out for a walk but have stairs, set a daily stair goal either for time or a number. Make sure you are hitting that and beating it every week.

2. You are out of routine. Eating for most people is just a habit. We are conditioned to eat at certain times. When you are in a normal routine of work, exercise, etc, this is usually not a problem. When there is no routine, you may find yourself eating at weird times or more often. Get back to a routine or find a new one quickly.

3. You are eating too much for you. Ever wonder how much you should be eating? There are equations to figure it out. They aren’t 100 % but they will give you a guideline. 

Here is a calorie calculator:

You can put in your details and your activity levels. Be really honest with the activity or else it will allow you to eat too much. The goal after this will be to figure how much you are eating. It isn’t that hard to do. Google the foods you routinely eat and you will know. The important thing is to keep 80% of your food in a routine so you really know what your are taking in. 

Good luck team,

Yours in fitness and wellness,



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