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Class in focus: Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates takes the mat classes to the next level. It uses moves you’ve learnt in classic Pilates workouts, combines them with HIIT and yoga exercises on a contraption that looks like a strange sort of torture device, but has a huge range of benefits for your body and self-confidence boosting.

The pulley and spring system provide better resistance training than simply using your body weight. It also helps improve your posture, stability and hand-eye coordination.

In addition to strengthening your core muscles which supports your back and helps you perform movements — twisting, bending, rolling — Reformer Pilates can get you the stomach muscles you’ve always dreamed of. Reformer Pilates is typically perceived as being a class for women, but there are great benefits for blokes as well. There’s nothing like Pilates to assist with recovery after weight lifting, relief from back pain and stretching tight muscles. Physiotherapist and Osteopaths often recommend it to their patients to aid rehabilitation after injury.

We have some great news for Flow Athletic members, we’re introducing Reformer Pilates to our group fitness schedule, commencing in January 2019. Our professional Pilates instructor will ensure you are performing each movement with precision to ensure you’re getting all the benefits to reshape your body and become fitter and stronger.

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