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Change to Flow Strength Clases

So you’ve noticed some changes and experimentation with your strength sessions? Thanks to everyone for giving some different formats a go and providing feedback. Going forward we are looking to implement some positive changes to the strength sessions over the next month:

The change:
There will be 2-3 different types of strength workouts on the timetable. All workouts will use Kettlebell, TRX or Bodyweight during the sessions. There will be slower/stronger sessions that will be more load based, foundational movements and more dynamic classes that move a little quicker with more progressive movements.
For each of the classes we will stick to 1-2 session formats per week. The sessions will be listed in the Strength room at the start of the week. The new sessions will commence every Tues- after The Flow team has tested them thoroughly the day before on the Monday

What we hope to achieve from this:
Better quality workouts with better results for everyone. By implementing this we hope that by completing the same session 2 times per week people can focus on developing stronger movements patterns and inturn be able to progress to larger loads or more dynamic movements
More variety week to week and avoid continuous repetition of similar movements.
Structure will allow our community to progress to more advanced movements and sessions in their own time.

We understand that there is a downside to this for those who just really love doing Kettlebell, TRX or OTT for the entire class. We can understand that some people may feel a little disspointed with the above changes. We do guarantee this though- we are totally committed to giving our community the best possible health and fitness outcome during your strength sessions and we are 100% behind the fact that the changes will enhance your experience and results here at Flow. As always we really value your feedback, we can’t wait till everything is rolling and we look forward to hearing what you think of our new strength formats.

By Nicholas Chapman


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