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Bro-lates: Reformer for Men

Think that Pilates isn’t for men? Think again! 

Consider this. Pilates was started by a man named Joseph Pilates and through the times, men have been featured heavily both as a teacher and participant of this training modality.  

Amongst all other benefits Pilates already provide such as core strength, flexibility, uniform development, balance, and efficient movement, here are some more reasons why men could use some Pilates. 

  1. Whilst most women excel in flexibility and range, most men could use a little more help in this department. Sometimes the golden key to lifting heavier and having more strength isn’t as simple as blindly pumping the iron. In fact, having the full and proper range of motion will encourage strength and muscle growth (or getting lean and toned depending on what and how heavy your strength training  regime is).
  2. Speaking of strength, this is the area most men excel in comparatively to our female counterparts. However, the struggle is real once we put these men on the reformer machine. Why is that? It is because of the control principle of Pilates working the muscle and strength on both the concentric and eccentric phase. Men naturally already have a strength advantage so now it is about adding the element of control to your strength game. 
  3. From the above we can already gather that Pilates is not only going to enhance your strength but also work on your mobility and range. The reformer exercises to designed to challenge us to find our muscular end range and work the ability to contract this. In other words, we get strength through length. Did you know this is actually the key to injury prevention amongst many other benefits? Having a functional full range of motion trains our bodies to not overcompensate as much therefore less chance of localised overuse of certain muscles and preventing those niggles and irritation throughout the body. 

To create a men only environment (because let’s face it, men face embarrassment too), we have introduced Bro-Lates: Reformer for Men on the schedule. Be sure to check out the timetable to find when the next class is running. This class is complementary throughout August for the men of Flow so be sure to check it out!


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