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Barre & pilates get a facelift

News flash! Barre and pilates classes are getting a face lift at Flow Athletic!

We are excited to announce four new class formats in the Barre and Pilates space. With more variety and excitement to our group classes offering, this is a much anticipated addition to our summer training choices. Launching officially on 2nd December, watch out for these additional class names on the timetable and also look out for the new equipment added to the space: the sliding discs and loop bands! So get your Flow Athletic app ready and book into one of these hot sizzling summer classes! 

BARRE: Sweat x Burn

Similar to Flow’s Reformer – Sweat x Burn classes, this is a fusion high intensity, low impact class taught at the barre along with the use of light hand weights and sliding discs. If you have always felt a little intimidated by the idea of attending a Barre class, fret no more because we combine easy-to-follow dance and ballet moves with generic fitness movements (such as squatting, lunging, pressing, pulling, etc.) to create an all-round sweat and burn experience. Forget about coordination, come as you are and leave the class feeling absolutely accomplished (and hopefully soaked from sweat!).

BARRE: Rhythm x Beats

This Barre class format will be taught at a slow medium pace whilst highlighting a musical experience. Classes are designed with your typical barre movements made interesting with simple choreography. We use the barre, balls, resistance bands and sliding discs in this class format. Whether you think you can dance (or not), this class ultimately is about letting loose and having a good time. You’ll have so much fun you’ll even forget that you’re working out! (well, that’s definitely our aim). Come as you are and leave feeling like a dancing queen/king, amidst feeling toned and energised.

MAT PILATES: Body x Control

Going back to the roots and origin of Pilates, the method known as Contrology created by Joseph Pilates, this class format is about feeling connected to your body and the way we control the movement. Taught a slower pace, we emphasise on the original Pilates principles of Breathing, Centring, Concentration, Control, Precision and Flow. Body x Control is perfect for anyone new to a group class to the seasoned Flow Athlete.

MAT PILATES: Props x Xtra

As the name suggests, this class format is about adding the X-factor in the Xtra. With the additional use of small props such as hand weights, resistance bands, and loop bands, this more contemporary approach to Pilates creates a contrasting bodily experience to Body x Control. Taught at a more dynamic pace, expect to feel the burn and experience the work in real time. You will never look at these small props in the same way ever again! 


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