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Marcus Bradbury

Marcus Bradbury


If you’re looking for me you’ll find me outside. Whether it is hiking, climbing, running or snowboarding if it’s in the great outdoors it will have my attention.

Having always been inspired by my athletic ability, pushing it to new levels and seeing the amazing places it could take me, in 2016 I made a dramatic life change and became a Personal Trainer so I could share these experiences with others.

My love for running saw me complete a number of Marathons and Ultra Marathons in my mid 20’s, this love for running now has me finding fulfilment in helping others find the joy in running, like I did. These days I specialise in minimalist running (barefoot) and promote the benefits of foot health and natural running dynamics that come with it. I was lucky enough to have worked with an award winning power lifter in my previous gym who assisted me in developing strength programs specific to running. These programs I have delivered to numerous client who have all seen the amazing benefits that strength work has to their running especially in the specialised field of trail running.

Trail running and hiking is my go to for stress relief so you will often find me with my partner in one of our many National Parks going bush in my spare time.  I have always shared my passion of the outdoors with my clients and have shared many adventures, including one experience of hiking the world famous Overland Track in Tasmanian with 6 clients who I now call close friends, an experience as rewarding for me as it was for them.

Having worked under a great mentor at my first gym in South Coogee, I learned the methods of programming, goalsetting and motivation specialising in fat loss. This training and education lead me to developing an extensive list of clientele who achieved some amazing results during my time there and I was recognised by winning the 2018 Fat Loss Challenge’s best trainer.

Looking at my own training and performance holistically I sought to develop an understanding of mindfulness and meditation and its applications to human performance in outdoor specific activities. It is this which has lead me to find my new home at Flow Athletic and the amazing team of trainers and instructors I am blessed to be working with.

AusREP Level 1
Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
Level 1 Kettlebell Trainer
Level 1 Suspension Trainer
Speed and Agility Coach

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