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The Flow Philosophy

At Flow Athletic we also believe in a balanced approach to fitness.

That’s why we recommend members follow our ‘Flow Philosophy’ of 1:1:1

Ben first met Kate when he started taking her yoga classes at a Bondi studio, nearly 10 years ago.  He was running ultra marathons at the time and found yoga fast tracked his recovery.  At the same time, Kate took some personal training sessions with Ben.  She noticed her asana practice became stronger as a result.

Ben Lucas and Kate Kendall of Flow Athletic

They felt the combination of cardio, strength training and yoga provided the perfect balance of exercise to prevent injury and encourage a mind and body approach.  So, the ‘Flow Philosophy’ was born.

The concept is, to balance out the strength and fitness training with the recovery and mind/body benefits of yoga.  That’s why they recommend:

  • 1 x Strength session (Strength-Strong/Barre)
  • 1 x Cardio session (Spin/Boxing/Run)
  • 1 x Yoga session

Ben and Kate wanted to develop a fitness facility, which would encompass all of these practices under the one roof. But they didn’t want a typical ‘gym’ environment.  They were united in their values about creating ‘community’.  They wanted to create a place where people felt a part of something. That’s what makes Flow Athletic.

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