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5 things that could stop you achieving your goals in 2014

5 things that could stop you achieving your goals in 2014

The start of the year is a great time to take stock of where we are in our life and where it is that we want to go both in the short and long term. Resolutions get made and goals get set. But the fact is that by a few weeks into the New Year the majority of these resolutions are broken and goals are shelved until next year. So how can we stop ourselves from being an ambition casualty? Well often it is good to analyze the things that may stop us from getting there and how we can overcome them before they become an issue.

Focus: Set meaningful goals and stay on course until that goal is achieved. Everyday with have the potential to make considerable strides to that which is important to us and also the potential to waste time on trivial matters that get us no where. What is the best use of my time right now? Try not to get distracted from what is important to your success. Work in blocks of time and focus on that 1 thing for that whole period of time. Facebook and instagram can wait.

Planning: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. What are your goals and what do I have to do today, this week, the month to achieve them? Take time out of your day to plan your schedule. Make time for that which is important with your goal. Want to run a marathon? Set the time for your running in your calendar and make those appointments non negotiable. Following an eating plan? Well you need to make time for grocery shopping and food preparation. People never set out to fail, that just don’t do the work that is needed to succeed.

Belief: People often make the mistake in thinking that you need to believe in yourself fully before you take action. I won’t change careers until I know my move will be a success (I will just stay where I am and be miserable). Look at that person, its so easy for them, I wish I was that confident. I have news for you, they are often just as scared as you, but its just they take action in this state. If you keep waiting for that feeling of confidence, life will pass you by and you will have never chased your dreams. The irony is that you get belief by taking action. Think through the best and worst case scenarios and you will often find the bad is not that horrible, not as bad as living in fear anyway.

Discipline: Alarm goes off and you’re tired. But it’s raining? You’re not drinking this month but you have a birthday party, wedding, client dinner.  You’re on a budget, but what about that top?  There is always going to be something. You need to stay strong, don’t fold. Stop starting over and stay disciplined.

Shit goals: Are your goals aligned with your values? Are your goals YOUR goals or are they what your partner, family, boss wants to be your goals. When the going gets tough you wont commit and do what is needed if your goals aren’t meaningful to you.
These are just a few of the roadblocks that appear on our road to success. With enthusiasm and perseverance any challenges can be overcome and great things achieved.

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